Leanne C. Miller

Tucson, AZ


2012-2015      University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

                         Master of Fine Arts, Painting

                         May 2015

2001-2005      San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA

                         Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting

Professional Experience , Lectures

Summer 2016 University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

                        Instructor of Record, Adjunct, Painting 280, 380, 480

Spring 2016   Guest lecture on residencies and career development post                                           graduation           

                        The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

                        Southwest University of Visual Art, Tucson AZ:

                        Instructor of Record, Adjunct, 200 level painting,

                        Instructor of Record, Adjunct, Encaustic, 300 level painting

                        Instructor of Record, Adjunct, Graduate Studio

Fall 2015         University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

                        Instructor of Record, Adjunct, Painting 280

Spring 2015   University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

                         Instructor of Record, Beginning Figure Drawing

Winter 2014Tucson Museum of Contemporary Art, Tucson, AZ

2015                Assistant Preparator, restoration/archival work, framing, re-stretching                           paintings, wiring and hanging work.

Fall 2014        Spring/ Fall University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

                        Instructor of Record, (Graduate Teaching Assistant), Painting

Spring 2014   Spring 2014, Fall 2014, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

                         Instructor of Record, (Graduate Teaching Assistant), Painting

Spring/Fall      Infuse, Facilitator/Coordinator, La Cocina, Tucson, AZ

2014                 Infuse: A monthly collaborative Artists event

2013-2014       Amado Youth Center/ Compass Behavioral Health, Amado, AZ; Mural                           Artist/ facilitator/mural design, summer art instruction, Supervisor,                                 Mentorship

2012                 Teachers Assistant, Preceptor-ship, Intermediate painting under                                     supervision of Dimitri Kozyrev, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

2008- 2012      San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Front of house staff;                                             Membership office, Book Store, Admissions Department

2009-2011       Pure Beauty Salon, Curation and promotion of monthly art shows

                         San Francisco, CA


2015               Starry Night Artists Residency, Truth or Consequences, NM, December

2015               Penland School of Art, North Carolina, Studio Assistant for “Exploratory                         Drawing” with Joseph Hart, July/August; full scholarship


2016                First Place, Arizona State Fair, Drawing Category,

                        Fourth Place, Arizona State Fair, Acrylic Category

2015               Art Slant, 6th 2015 Show Case Prize Winner, Juried, Jurors: Mark                                   Beasley PHD, Curator, Oscar Florit Director of L21 Gallery, Madrid,                                 Spain, Bob and Roberta Smith, Artists

2015               Penland School of Art Residency, Studio Assistant Award, Tuition                                   waived Penland, NC

2015               Spring, Graduate Tuition Scholarship, University of Arizona, Tucson AZ

2015               Spring, Graduate College Fellowship, University of Arizona, Tucson AZ

2014-2015     Fall/Spring, Edward Francis Dunn Scholarship, Cash/Tuition, University                         of Arizona, Tucson AZ

2012-2013      Fall /Spring Cash/Tuition Fellowship at University of Arizona, Tucson,                              AZ

2005               Cover Art Award for SFAI Handbook, San Francisco, CA

2000-2005     Merit Tuition Scholarship, San Francisco Art Institute, (SFAI)

                         San Francisco, CA


2016/2017      Pima Arts and Community Design Committee (PACDC)

2005               Root-Division Community Arts Education Program; Teaching,                                         Curriculum development, San Francisco, CA

2005              Southern Exposure Gallery; “Mission Voices” Summer Program; Artist’s                         assistant and curriculum development, San Francisco, CA

2003-2005    Southern Exposure Gallery; Gallery prep, art installation, data entry,                               bar tending at openings, San Francisco, CA


2014               Compass Behavioral Healthcare, Amado Youth Center

                        Mural Theme: Amado History, Amado, AZ

2013               Compass Behavioral Healthcare, Amado Youth Center, Mural Theme:                           Amado Future, Amado, AZ

2009               San Francisco Arts Commission, “Art in Store Fronts Program” 170 ft                             mural on Market Street “Find Yourself in Natural History”San Francisco

2009-2010      Lower Haight Neighborhood Association, Mural, San Francisco, CA

2009     , Mural on corner of Gough and Eddy, Community                                 Garden, San Francisco, CA


2017                Upcoming: SF StArtUp Fair, Hotel Del Sol, San Francisco, CA (April)                              Juried

                        Upcoming: BG Gallery, “Spectrum”, Santa Monica, CA (June)

                        Upcoming: Haunted Hands Gallery, “Nasty Women Portrait Painting”                             Tucson, Az Solo (September)

2016               Galerie Metanonia, “A Singe Grain of Rice” Paris, France

                        Tiny Town Gallery, “Material Tendencies”, Tucson, AZ                        Solo

                        Chocolate and Art, SOMaArts, San Francisco, CA

                        Tiny Town Gallery, “Monson Inspirations ”, Tucson, AZ                        Solo

                        Urbano Cellars Gallery, “Material Tendencies”, Berkeley, CA Solo

2015                Boathouse Gallery, “Students and Alumni of U of A; Selected Works”

                         Tucson, AZ

                         ArtKudos Online Exhibition 2015,


                          Boathouse Gallery, “1st Annual Group Show”, Tucson, AZ

                          University of Arizona Museum of Art (UAMA) Graduate Exhibition,                                 “Time Shifts/Fleeting Remains”, Tucson, AZ

                          Porter Hall Gallery, “Shifting Quantum Geologies” Tucson Botanical                               Gardens, Tucson AZ, Solo

2014                  Lionel Rombach Gallery, Pushing Through the Layers, Tucson, AZ                                   Solo

                           Paintings and Drawings, Olli Learning Center, University of Arizona,                              Tucson, AZ Solo

                           The Art Gallery, New Paradigms, The University of West Florida,                                    Pensacola, FL


                           Cartel Café and Gallery, Sedimentary Layers, Tucson, AZ, Solo

                           Lessedra Gallery, Lessedra World Print Annual, Sofia, Bulgaria

                           The Steinfeld, Installations 2014, Tucson, AZ

2013                  Graduate Gallery Combining Media, University of Arizona, Tucson,                                AZ

                          Graduate Gallery 642-2, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

                          Kachina Gallery A/R/T; Artists, Researchers, Teachers, Tucson, AZ

2010                 Family Restraints, Café Royale, San Francisco, CA, Solo

2009                New Work, Pure Beauty Salon, San Francisco, CA, Solo

                         Benefit for St. Nicks Alliance, Brooklyn, New York

2008               New Work Cowboys and Angels Salon, San Francisco, CA, Solo   

                        You are my Mountain Top, Space Gallery, San Francisco, CA

                        Annual Staff Art Show, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 2-D                                work 2008-2010, San Francisco, CA

2007              Empire of Habit, Ar+space Gallery, Collaborative, installation show

                       San Francisco, CA, 2-person

2006             Guilty by Association, Melting Pot gallery, 2-D work, San Francisco, CA

2006             Instinctual Distraction, Ar+space Gallery (Co-Curator), emerging                                      American artists, San Francisco, CA

2005             Hip Hop and Evolution, Springer Croak Fine Art, San Francisco, CA

                       2 person

2005              Unclaimed Baggage, New Langton Arts, San Francisco, CA 

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