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Hello world!

I have a bunch of new stuff going on lately!

I just wrapped up my solo show in Berkeley at the Urbano Cellars Gallery titled "Material Tendencies" that was April/May. Then I had a very busy 5 weeks teaching a three level painting class at the University of Arizona. By three levels I mean it was a full summer class, from beginners through advanced undergraduate students. It was an absolute blast and these kids where unbelievably talented young people. You can see pics at my instructor artist page on FB, go like it, and check it out!

Since then, about a week or so.... I have been getting together a new Youtube channel and a Society6 profile also! So exciting, right? Here are the links! Society6:  at Society6, you can buy prints on anything from metal, to canvas to paper, even some things can be bought on canvas tote bags, or pillows, its so cool and fun with a great bunch of artists! I;m really looking forward to this site! Please go check it out, I know you'll be as excited as I am about it!

My Youtube channel will have DIY/How to videos, and peeks into my process, hopefully artists interviews in the future, and advice. Lots of fun stuff to watch. Right now there is an introductory video, and some flipagrams of my work. I'll be working diligently on more content this week!  and

Upcoming shows are:

RawArtist showcase in Phoenix, AZ Sept 15th, 7pm at The Pressroom. This will be a big event with music, artists, fashion designers, etc from all over Arizona, and beyond. Tickets are $20.00 and I encourage you to get one ASAP if you are in Arizona. This will be a blast! Get tickets at   

The next opening will also be in Phoenix, for the "Conception" see more info on their Facebook page at  funny enough this is Sept 17th, just a day later than the last. That will be a long weekend! 

And then after that in November I will be having a solo show right here in Tucson at the Tiny Town Gallery on Toole Ave. I'm so excited to be a part of this little homegrown gallery! I will have this spot all to my self! There will be installations, and murals and paintings, it's gonna be nuts! See Tiny Town at to see you at some, or all of these events coming up soon!