Hello Mid August, and Monsoon Inspirations

Well it's been a heck of a month so far. I don't know about you, but something weirds in the air lately.... Any whodily

Here we are at the end of summer! Wow crazy! Where did it go?! Usually I think summer is too hot here in Tucson and I'm not a huge fan, but the monsoon rains have been delightful and keeping it under 100 degrees many days, so I'm pretty happy about all that.

Hey! speaking of the monsoons, I was really inspired this month by the clouds and colors and shapes of this time of season and made new work based on that. I have been using Sennelier extra soft pastels and airbrush medium along with inks and acrylic paints and wow, that combo is addictive! I usually go nuts with color and pattern, but I have been trying to calm down and be bit more minimal. This is something I am really liking right now. My most successful pieces are the ones that have a simplicity to them.

 OK thats it for now!

xoxo Leanne