Been a busy Fall!

Hello all!

Wow, so I'll catch ya all up on the crazy last few weeks... and more to come

I just participated a week and a half ago in the Tucson Open Studio tour, and Saturday was incredibly busy, and Sunday was a bit more slow. I did not make a ton of sales, but I had so many new people come by an made so many new connections that I'd recommend any artist to do open studios, just incase you where wondering. I even made new friends, which is always nice. Preparing for these things is nuts, you really need to clean your house because your often inviting people into your home, take out and unwrap all your work, display it, (which for me is literally over 100 paintings of all sizes, tiny to 5x6 feet... My front yard, entire back yard, art studio, hall way and Arizona room where all filled with art. Then of course, ya gotta take it all down, re-wrap it in plastic and bubble wrap, and into the storage they go...

The week after that, I prepared to frame 11 art works, by myself, and hang my solo show at Tiny Town Gallery, the opening was Friday, Nov 4th, it was a success. Then I took the weekend off, cause this next one coming up is gonna be a doozey. I'm preparing for two art fairs, one at the end of November and the next one in December, before that, I'll be back in San Francisco at a group show at Soma Arts on Brannan St Friday, and staying with my gal Pal Ellie Fritz, also an artist, go to to see her fab work. I'll be in SF visiting my old stomping grounds like the SFMOMA where I worked for 6 years, and the Incline Gallery, where my old pal, also from the SFMOMA Christo Oropeza is the curator/director/owner etc, go to to check that out.  

The weekend after I;m back from SF, I have another Solo Show with a different body of work. also at Tiny Town Gallery, this is "Material Tendencies", which was work I showed in Berkeley last May/June 2016 with the curator Kimberly Rowe. But this work has never been shown here in Tucson, so I will be de-installing, and installing the week after I get back from SF for that, the opening for "Material Tendencies" at Tiny Town is Nov 18th.

After I get back, I'll be preparing more for the Jackalope art fair in Scottsdale, the last weekend of  November, and staying in Scottsdale that weekend, and when I get back, no time to recover cause I;m sharing a booth with Christina Holland of Christina Holland Designs (jewelry) for the Tucson, 4th ave street fair, that is a three day fair, that bring hundreds of thousands to the down town area, so It's going to be crazy! Hopefully I will make enough $ to take the rest of December off and take a break! No rest for the wicked!

I'm off to make more stuff!