Prints for Purchase!

Hello again!

I am being featured on for a little while, so if you don't see something here for sale jump over there and see what I have up. Many Landscapes and older work as well as the newer minimal work are up for purchase, both in print form, and originals. Also, you will see that some of the prices on Global Art Traders are a bit higher than here on the site (we'll talk about the addition of a new purchase section in a sec!) . Why would those prices be higher? Everything ordered from Global Art Traders is a high quality, archival print made by professional giclee' printing company who takes the order and ships directly to you. So there are shipping costs and the print is very nice and more expensive.  Here on my site, it is possible to get custom sizes, and fancy giclee' prints that will last a lifetime upon request for those higher prices. But I keep the cost down when ordering directly from me through my website here, by getting prints made locally and shipping them myself. Either way, you are getting a lovely print of something you will hopefully cherish and brighten your home, office or conference room, where ever they and up for years to come!

So, as I mentioned, I added a "Purchase" page! There are just a few minimal works on there at the moment, I will be adding little by little, more work. If you ever see something I made and don't see it for purchase, just email me! I can get almost anything to you, and if it's already sold I can get prints made. I can get them to you signed and numbered. At the moment I am running prints in series of 50. My email is, or contact me through the contact link here on my site.

I am also excited about a new element I am bringing to my work. Charity. I will be donating 25% of every sale to the Nature Conservatory and the Hope Animal Shelter. I will begin to advertise this a bit more as I get more work loaded onto my site and have more contact with those entities. Updates to come!

xoxo World,